Title of Role: Special Events Volunteer
Reports to: Amy Gately; Volunteer Coordinator
Program Area


Development Office/Offsite Events
Objectives: Assist with Special Events being put on by the club to ensure their success.
General Role & Responsibility: ·      Accept direction/assigned role from BGCD staff at special events

·      Approach tasks with a positive attitude

·      Ensure guests of events have a positive and fulfilling experience

Work Hours/Commitment: Depends on specific event. Please contact us to ask about our most upcoming events!
Skills & Qualifications: ·      Positive and friendly attitude

·      Experience with special events is helpful but not required

How the Role fits in with the work of BGCD? Here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, we believe in a positive, enriched environment to teach, support and enhance the lives of our members. Our special events raise money to support the creation of this environment as well as to celebrate the achievements of our members.
Behavior Expectations: ·      Positive attitude, kind, and polite

·      Willingness to accept direction

·      Communicate respectfully with fellow staff as well as members (if applicable)