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Incoming members who wish to enroll in the drop-in membership program that runs from 2:00-5:45 PM Monday through Friday will be required to attend an orientation/registration session with a parent prior to enrollment.

Teens have a “rolling enrollment” process in place and can register directly with Director of Teen Development & Programming, Chad Hassey.

If you are interested in registering only for a specific enrichment activity, please contact Brendan McDonald.

Orientation sessions for members and their parent/guardian will be offered monthly throughout the year.

To apply for membership, all members must:

1.     Attend an orientation session in person, with a parent or guardian. At the orientation, complete the Membership Application.
2.     Furnish proof of age at orientation (birth certificate or passport). Members must be 5 by Sept 1 at the beginning of each school year.
3.      Pay the $5 application fee, which covers membership for the school year.

Please note members are required to show their membership card daily when arriving at the Club. Replacement cards are $2 each.

All members will be required to renew their application on a yearly basis.

Complete a membership application

What we offer


Youth ages 6-18 have access to our drop-in programs 5 days a week, during after school hours of 2-5:45PM. Every program area is open during drop-in hours, so members can experience art, music, computer lab, educational activities, the gym, and pool. Dinner is also available to all members for no additional charge every night from 4:45-5:45PM. $5 membership fee.


This highly structured and more supervised program offers children ages 5-12 a variety of developmentally appropriate activities within a specially designated safe and nurturing environment from 2-5:45 PM. EEC certified staff work with families to create a consistent schedule of enrichment activities that meet the needs of each child individually. The cost is $22 per day through the school year and $42 per day during school vacation weeks and the summer. Limited EEC Income Eligible slots are available and we accept vouchers.


Each program area offers special enrichment activities that members register for by the session (fall, winter, spring). They are included in membership, and most are free, with the exception of certain activities that may require a small materials fee for materials. Once registered, participants are expected to attend each week. These activities take place from 6-8:45PM on weekdays, immediately following general drop-in hours.

We also have an award-winning EARLY EDUCATION PROGRAM, including options for infants, toddlers, pre-k and kindergarten.

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