Throughout the year, the Club offers a variety of services designed to encourage, inspire and help our members develop stronger study skills, improve their academic achievement, and grow to be lifelong learners.

Members have the opportunity to do their homework in a quiet space, receive tutorial assistance and access computers and reference materials for school assignments. They have additional opportunities to explore topics of interest more deeply through a diverse range of enrichment programs that provide a chance to explore areas including history, world culture, science, entrepreneurship, engineering, computer animation and more.

The Education program takes pride in our STEAM pathway, through which members have a chance to progress through specifically targeted programs as they rise in grade level. Programs are designed to encourage members to stay involved and interested in the fascinating world of STEAM opportunities throughout their elementary and high school career. Beginning as young as grade 2, students have the chance to immerse themselves in science, technology, engineering, art and math, and our programs are designed to capture and hold on to their attention and excitement so that they build a personal interest that will keep them engaged through school and beyond.