2019 March

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March 27, 2019

DORCHESTER, MA — BGCD’s arts programs came together this week to host the quarterly Arts Bash event focusing on winter classes. There were displays hung from the winter fine arts classes, a photography exhibit, music performances and a recital by the Club’s hip-hop dance teams.

Our members were so excited for the chance to show off some of their hard work to parents, siblings, teachers and other community members. Congratulations and thanks to all the participants.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for our members this spring! For more information on our upcoming spring enrichment programs for Music, Fine Arts and Media Arts please contact Katy Farrar at kfarrar@bgcdorchester.org.


March 26, 2019

BOSTON, MA — Dorchester native, Shannon Zarnoch was just six years old when she first started coming to Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester. Her favorite programs were art and athletics, participating in activities such as floor hockey and travel basketball.

Growing up at the Club, Shannon always knew she wanted to work with kids. She looked up to the staff that she had as a member; they left a major impact on her ambitions to one day work at the Club.

Shannon started to work at the age of fifteen through the Boston Youth Fund, an organization that focuses on youth employment in the city of Boston. She is currently twenty-two years old and was recently promoted to be the Social Recreation Coordinator, where she oversees the staff and children in the gamesroom. Shannon also teaches hip-hop dance to the members of the Club and works as a teaching assistant in our Toddler 1 classroom. Her choreography was displayed at the Arts Bash, an event that showcases our members’ artistic abilities. It will also be shown again at this year’s New England Women’s Leadership Awards on May 9th.

Her favorite part of working at the Club is the relationships that she has made with the members and other staff. She has loved to see each member grow up through the years since she has started. Shannon states, “working at the Club means a lot to me because when I was a member, some of the most memorable people in my life were the staff that I had at the Club. I hope that I can one day make as much of an impact on the members that I have as the staff did on me growing up.”


March 12, 2019

DORCHESTER, MA — Club members and staff of the Walter Denney Youth Center collaborated to put on an informative “Living Museum” performance in celebration of Black Hisory Month.

They honored and taught guests about many important historical figures and individuals who are making a difference still today. They recognized a wide variety of different people ranging from Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Wilma Rudolph, Michelle Obama, W.E.B Dubois and many more! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the performance!

For more information on programming at the Walter Denney Youth Center please contact Queenette Santos at qsantos@bgcdorchester.org.