A Look into the LIFT Program

August 23, 2018

Dorchester, MA — LIFT stands for Lifting Individuals and Families Together and is continuing to grow as an important part of our Club’s regular programming. The LIFT program was created under the newly established Ullian Institute at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester (BGCD). It is a program largely based on the EMPath model of Mobility Mentoring, with a goal of disrupting the cycle of poverty experienced by some of our community’s most vulnerable families. Through meaningful coaching using tools and strategies provided through EMPath, participating families create attainable action plans with individual and family goals that will enhance the standard of living for their family.

Home visits, incentives and support are all incorporated with the primary focus of the program being to serve families with children ages 0-3. A holistic approach is applied to working with families through our Early Education and Care programs and addresses the needs of the family together, without leaving either the child or the parent behind. The approach with LIFT families is long-term and multi-generational. BGCD believes that high quality early education and post secondary education are essential to approaches that move the whole family toward economic stability. We understand that by giving parents the tools they need to succeed, they can provide the very best environment for their children.

A major strength of our programs is our position to offer families high quality programming from birth through 18 years old. The continuity of services for children and families allows us to create deep and meaningful relationships with families. Relationships also help build resilience across childhood and into adulthood. The adults who work at BGCD are powerful role models who show children how to successfully navigate difficult situations, while also presenting families with opportunities to come together and engage as a family in Family Swim, STEAM nights, Game Nights and more. Over the past ten years we have changed the way in which we serve children, understanding that parents are the child’s first and most important teacher, and focusing on serving the family as a whole.